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Changes 01/26/2010

Posted by nicklee24 in Life.

“You are everything I want, cause You’re everything I’m not” -Taking Back Sunday

“Will you remember me, because I know I won’t forget you” – Simple Plan

2 lines in different songs, but if you take it out of the context of it being from mainstream non-christian music, and put it into the context of Christianity, it’s crazy how these lines can mean much more than they’re supposed to. Instead of “girl, babe, baby, etc. if you substitute those for God or Jesus, some songs would be awesome songs of worship. Just a thought.


Anyways, spring semester has started, and so far my classes seem alright. The professors seem awesome, and apparently I have a evangelical devout Catholic teaching my sociology class… Will be very interesting. My music teacher’s last name is McCool, and yes he seems pretty “cool.”

So lately I feel that God’s telling me to share His love with my friends who have strayed away from Him. I know they have because I have been friends with them for a while, and trying to help them on their journey back to the Lord. I shared this video with some last night : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhX7m3rF20c [The Fire by Nate Pfeil.] It’s intense stuff that left a couple of my friends in shock. It’s time for them to make changes, changes in their lifestyles, changes in their homes, changes with the friends they hang out with, and most importantly changes in their spiritual life. The time is now, and not later. Just as Obama said, “Change[s] we can believe in” and “Yes [you] Can!”

As stated above, music plays a huge part in my life. I listen to music everyday, and I don’t think I’ll be able to go through a whole day without music. Either playing it on the radio, on my phone, or just picking up a guitar and playing a song I know, or even just singing it when I’m all alone. Music is great!

“You say you love me, you love me again but if you love me- where have you been?” – Reel Big Fish

Where have we been? We tell God we love him, but then the very next day we sin and do things that don’t glorify Him. But the amazing thing is that He still loves us… no matter what. We are all his children.

I’ll admit, my life hasn’t been perfect. It’s been a rough life, dealing with obstacles that I hope that I won’t ever encounter again. I’ve made mistakes, made poor choices, but remembering and realizing that Jesus still loves me brought me hope to be able to finally let these past decisions go.

I hope you will be able to read this… It’s quite a hefty read, but it’s really good.


Thanks Lisa and Jenn for that email. Quite an eye-opener.

And if you read this, and you’re not part of the KPCR church, I would like to invite you to the renewal gathering being held at our church this Friday at 7:30. If you need the church address or directions, email me at nicklee24@gmail.com.

Have a blessed day šŸ™‚



1. hubert - 01/28/2010

hey nick, cool stuff. thanks for blogging. i heard you’re reading bonhoeffer? Good stuff, good stuff!

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