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친구 야! 02/11/2010

Posted by nicklee24 in Life.

Soooooo the blizzard of 2010 has come and passed, and left a glorious total of 40 inches of snow outside. Snow so white, that when the sun gleams off of it, it’s blinding.

To recap, it’s been a great week. Classes have been canceled until today, but hopefully classes will resume tomorrow, I kind of miss going to class and learning. This whole week I’ve been extremely lazy, and my brain has stopped swelling with new information. This can’t go on any longer, my brain needs new information I can only obtain through studying! Ahhhhh!

But anyways, it’s been quite an exciting week. Spending 3 days at Jimmy’s, Super bowl watching at Heon soo’s, and somehow getting cabin fever at home, which at that point I have only been home for about 18 hours. Insanity.

Lately I’ve realized that most of the songs I know how to play on the guitar are not the best songs to learn. Thus, I have decided to learn songs that are mainly Christian, so I will be able to worship and praise Him on my own, without having to rely on technology to supply the mood. Also, playing the guitar makes me feel… at ease with myself and my life. Without music, I don’t know what I would do in my spare time.

I’ve been thinking lately, that friends are amazing… aren’t they? Your true good friends are there when you need them, so reliable that with a phone call or a text, they’ll be able to be there when you need them the most, or when you’re just bored out of your mind that you need another intellectual to talk to. However, discovering your true good friends is a difficult task. God has given me so many friends, so many friends that I can rely on when times are tough, and friends that help me overcome obstacles that are in my life. I love my friends. But as I said earlier, determining who my true good friends are was a difficult task, but was accomplished. They’re my security blanket. They are the individuals who are able to assist me in my problems and people that I can trust without ever doubting them. Those individuals should know who they are. Thanks!!

Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to be consistent with my blogging… I tend to forget things that happen pretty frequently. Hey! This is the reason why I wanted to blog in the first place… fail.

Till next time,




1. hubert - 02/20/2010

hey nick,

long time no post… what are you up to man? Don’t leave the masses pondering on what Nick is up to.

Are you tweeting yet? @speedyhk is my twitter…


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