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life / friends 02/08/2011

Posted by nicklee24 in Life.

Life is so unexpected in many ways. it can be cut short at anytime, or can last for years and years. i’ve got to say, life is the most spontaneous thing in the world. you never know what will happen, any given time or day. i’ve always dreamt that i would live until my late 90’s, have kids, grandkids, and even possibly great grandkids, but now, its not a definite life. it would be a great thing to happen, but as many say, your life can change anytime.


i’ve been so buried deep into this notion that i’m invincible, that no matter what, i’m going to live, but sadly, i’m living a fool’s life. instead of waking up in the morning celebrating and thanking God that i am able to live another day, i’ve been dreading the mornings, mainly because of classes and/or work. i had a tendency to go through an entire day in a bitter, depressing mood, wishing that my life was different, or i was living the life of someone else. Sad, isn’t it? but it’s true. HOWEVER, i’m pledging to change. better yet, i’m promising myself to change. i’m planning to live everyday as if it were a gift. as if everyday was my birthday, and thank Godthat i am able to live each and every day until the day i pass with exuberant joy.


many of you are probably wondering, what took him so long to figure this out? i’m not going to lie to you, i’ve been pretty ignorant to these facts for 21 years. its just recently i’ve looked upon what i’ve accomplished, and what i was happy about in the last 21 years, and there isnt much that i’m pleased with. it feels like i’ve gone through life as a zombie, not being able to control many outcomes of certain events. so i’m going to end with this. love your life, love the fact that you’re able to wake up every morning. love who you are, and the potential that you have in the future.




Friends. you love them, or you despise them. whichever of the two you prefer, remember to let them know how much you love them. friends are there when you’re down, friends are there when you’re up. they always seem to know the exact words to say to you whether you’re in a good mood, or a bad mood.


i feel that i have many friends. friends that i can count on, friends that i can talk to about anything. but one thing i havent done is to let those friends who are dearly close to me know that i truly appreciate them, that i love them, and that i’d do anything for them. i love you, i love you, i love you all very much.


remember your friends, they’re your security blanket.




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