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Been a while 03/27/2012

Posted by nicklee24 in Life.
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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. The link is on a shortcut on the top of my browser, but I’ve always been hesitant on posting anything up. But today, it feels like I should start writing again.

Although I never enjoyed writing in school, it’s always been a hobby of mine. I enjoy writing, especially about certain events throughout my day that seemed special to me. My cousin has always told me about keeping a blessing journal, writing down ‘blessings’ that I have encountered throughout the day. 

I know I’m always blessed everyday. Whether it be a red light that slows me down and fortunate enough there’s a cop ahead waiting for speeders, green lights when I’m in a slight rush to get somewhere, and the multiple people in my life that I encounter everyday that help me get through the struggles of my daily life. 

I think I’m going to try to continue this blog. It feels great writing down things that I cannot really say to others.